Customer Reviews

This is the best customer service I have ever received from a online store. The owner is very responsive and helpful. She made my gift so special you would have thought we knew each other personally

Annette King Strong

one of the best and exceptional at what she does 👍👍💗💗

Sandra Burrel

She made me and my daughter’s Tutus and a surprise candle with me and my daughter’s picture on it for Mother’s Day . She is amazing !!!! Highly recommend

Deiandra Lee

One of the most Unique and thought out gifts I could have asked for I really appreciate the heart and effort you put into it! Thank you for such an amazing gift. I will be making referrals and future purchases in the near future.

Shaunziski Gortman

She really works hard at everything she does! She puts her all into all her creations!! you will not be disappointed!!

Myrella Scruggs

Beautiful Artistry & Excellent Customer Service!! She created a beautiful memory box for my daughter’s 18th birthday! I wasn’t able to be there with my baby but the gift made it GRAND!!! Thank you for the lovely creation. #Customer4Life

Erin Unique Jacobs

Her talents exceeded my expectations! She is very professional and delivery was quick! I will definitely be doing business with her again!

Tarsha Denson

I ordered an explosion birthday box for my daughters 16th birthday. It is so beautifully done, personal, creative and something my daughter will keep forever. I am already planning future orders!

Anju KP

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